Russia arrests anti-war protesters

Thin Thin: If you have any debts, please pay them

Actress Thin Thin was arrested on the night of February 22 and was released on the night of February 23, a day later. On the night of her release, she posted live on her Facebook account, announcing that she had returned home safely.

He thanked all the fans and prayed with tears in his eyes that he wanted to pay his debts.”The church is back home. Many thanks to all the fans who care about you. Last night, when I checked the guest list at home, I misunderstood.

Last night’s guest list There have been protests in the past with the military, so we are investigating this matter. Many thanks to the organization for calmly checking. Thank you all for your concern, ”said Miss Thin Thin.

Russia arrests anti-war protesters

At least 735 anti-Russian protesters have been arrested across Russia. OVD-Info says anti-war protesters were arrested in 40 cities. More than 330 people were arrested in Moscow alone.

Russian police have also been arrested by Russian police forces in the fighting against military protesters in Moscow in Moscow in Moscow.

A photo taken by an AFP photojournalist shows police arresting a man holding a card that reads “Putin does not accept Ukraine”.

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